Conneran Financial

Tom Conneran established Conneran Financial to offer an alternative to brokerage firms that call their clients with an 'investment of the week' or a conversation that ends with the “if you've got some money I think you should buy some” suggestion. Tom takes time to understand the goals you want to achieve with your money and recommends solutions that make sense.

Whether it is investing for your kid's college, investing to build a retirement nest egg, or actually taking retirement income from your retirement nest egg; understanding your goals is critical. During the initial meeting, Tom will explain how he approaches recommending investment solutions. His goal is to make sense of investing!

Contact Tom. There is no charge for the initial meeting and Tom will explain how he is compensated.

Tom is a Certified Financial PlannerCustom Page Content™, CFP®.  Conneran Financial  works with Concourse Financial Group Securities and Pershing as Broker-Dealer and Clearing Firm respectively.